7th-8th Grade Mathematics Textbook Materials

Bibliography for K12 OER Collaborative Proposal 4C3M

Materials on the site are consistent with the Core Standards and were revised for the 2014/2015 academic year.

All materials are printable and licensed under Creative Commons, cc-by 4.0. Thus these are all open source.

Please direct questions or comments to Maggie Cummings at: Cummings@math.utah.edu

Currently, the following updated materials are available:

  • 7th grade:
    • Student Workbook Chapter 1-8
    • Teacher Workbook Chapter 1-8
    • Mathematical Foundation Chapter 1- 8
    • Parent Edition of the Student Workbook Chapters 1-8
    • Word versions of the Student Workbook Chapters 1-8
  • 8th grade:
    • Student Workbook Chapter 1-10
    • Teacher Workbook Chapter 1-10
    • Mathematical Foundations Chapters 1-10
    • Parent Edition of the Student Workbook Chapters 1- 10
    • Word versions of the Student Workbook Chapters 1-10

The textbook materials within this site were created in response to the Math Materials Access Improvement solicitation issued by the Utah State Board of Education in June of 2012. Hugo Rossi is the Principal Investigator for the work with Maggie Cummings and David Wiley serving as Co-Principal Investigators. The materials are a collaborative work with contributors from University of Utah, Utah State University, Snow College, and Weber State College; Jordan, Granite, Davis and Salt Lake City School districts; and many teachers throughout Utah. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of:

Mathematical Foundation Lead Writers:
Hugo Rossi
Jonathan Bodrero
Christine Walker
Lead Writers:
Maggie Cummings
Christina Eischeid
Eva Serr
David Wiley
Camille Baker
Drew Ellingson
Other contributors:
Allen Jacobsen
Christine Johnson
Brynja Kohler
Heather Young Riddle
Joyce Smart
Emmeline Powell Stoddard
Camilla Perkes Strong
Pilot Schools/Districts:

  • Eisenhower Junior High School; Granite School District
  • Juab Junior High School; Juab School District
  • Albert R. Lyman Middle School, Monticello High School, San Juan High School, Whitehorse High School, Monument Valley High School, Navajo Mountain High School; San Juan School District

Within this site you will find materials written specifically for the Core Standards for both 7th and 8th grades.

Student Workbook: daily class activities and matching homework sets, an overview of the chapter, Practice Standards connections specific to the chapter, and student self-assessments.

Teacher Workbook: answers to all problems, pedagogical suggestions, and explanations of the mathematical flow of the workbook.

Mathematical Foundation: an explanation of the mathematical content in each chapter.

Parent Edition of the Workbook: the student workbook with selected answers and explanations.

Word Version of the Student Workbook:  The Word source file for the student workbook is available for teachers wishing to edit the materials for their own purposes.