8th Student Materials


8th Grade Textbook (Complete Mathematical Foundation)
8th Grade Workbook (Complete Student Workbook)

8th Grade (by chapter)


Table of Contents

Appearances of Standards

Ch 1: Analyze and Solve Linear Equations (4 weeks)

Ch 2: Proportional and Linear Relationships (4 weeks)

Ch 3: Representations of a Line (3 weeks)

Ch 4: Simultaneous Linear Equations (3 weeks)

Ch 5: Functions (3 weeks)

Ch 6: Statistics — Patterns of Association in Bivariate Data (2 weeks)

Ch 7: Rational and Irrational Numbers (3 weeks)

Ch 8: Integer Exponents, 3D Measurement Problems(4 weeks)

Ch 9: Geometry I — Transformations, Congruence, Similarity (3 weeks)

Ch 10: Geometry II — Angles and Triangles (3 weeks)