7th Student Materials


7th Grade Textbook (Complete Mathematical Foundation)
7th Grade Workbook (Complete Student Workbook)

7th Grade (by chapter)


Table of Contents

Appearances of Standards

Ch 1: Probability, Percent, Rational Number Equivalence (3 weeks)

Ch 2: Rational Number Operations(4 weeks)

Ch 3: Expressions & Equations I (5 weeks)

Ch 4: Ratio and Proportion (5 weeks)

Ch 5: Geometry I–Scale Drawings, Geometric Figures (2 weeks)

Ch 6: Expressions & Equations II–Real-world equations, Inequalities  (3-4 weeks)

Ch 7: Probability & Statistics (3  weeks)

Ch 8: Geometry II– Measurement in 2-3 Dimensions, Cross Sections of Solids (4 weeks)