6th Grade

On the 6th Student Materials page you will find: the Mathematical Foundation (an explanation of the mathematical content in each chapter), the Student Workbook (an overview of the chapter, daily class activities and matching homework sets, Practice Standards connections for the chapter, and student self-assessments), a link to purchasing a soft-cover version of the workbook (these are available at cost, however you are free to print all materials yourself), and a parent manual (this is the student workbook with selected answers and explanations.)

On the 6th Teacher Support Materials page you will find a Teachers’ Edition to the Student Workbook. It contains answers to all problems, pedagogical suggestions, and explanations of the mathematical flow of the workbook. Additionally, you will find the word version of the Student Workbook.

All materials are printable and licensed under Creative Commons, cc-by 4.0. Thus these are all open source. Please direct questions or comments to Maggie Cummings at: Cummings@math.utah.edu

6th Student Materials

6th Teacher Support Materials